About Pack 162

Pack 162 proudly serves Kathy Caraway Elementary grades 1 through 5. We are committed to being a part of building lifetime values into the lives of children, teaching them to be self-reliant and dependable, to do their best, to be helpful to others and be leaders in their communities.

Each year, Pack 162 has a Fall Campout and a Spring Campout, plus a Winter Overnighter. The overnighters have ranged from sleeping with the sharks at the Corpus Christi Aquarium, sleeping on board of the USS Lexington, camping at the zoo, to regular tent camping. Wherever we go, there are things to be learned, badges to be earned, skits, campfires, chili cook-offs, fishing, biking, legends and laughter.

The Pinewood Derby is another fun activity where the children and adults alike come together to show their skills in designing cars and racing against each other. We recently purchased a 4 lane track that has added to the fun and excitement of a Pinewood Derby.

February brings us to the Blue and Gold Banquet for all the scouts and their families, where the Arrow of Light scouts are accepted into their Troops in a solemn Indian ceremony that always inspires the younger scouts to keep active in the Pack.